this is destruction for the faint hearted

and for you only, my dear.


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writing journal of jeauexe.
INTERESTS writing, drawing, pretty boys.
MUSIC kat-tun, news, anything from je. really.
WRITING i tend to write a lot of angst. happy times ahead, whoo hoo. :D!
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This time everyone has the best intentions. You have cancer. Let's say you have cancer. Let's say you've swallowed a bad thing and now it's got its hands inside you. This is the essence of love and failure. You see what I mean but you're happy anyway, and that's okay, it's a love story after all, a lasting love, a wonderful adventure with lots and lots of action, where the mirror says mirror and the hand says hand and the front door never says Sorry Charlie. So the doctor says you need more stitches and the bruise cream isn't working. So much for the facts. Let's say you're still completely in the dark but we love you anyway. We love you. We really do.
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i felt so symbolic yesterday.